Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Philosophy of Wealthy Affiliate

The philosophy of wealthy affiliate is very simple.

They teach you a very simple thing and that is -- "To sell what people are buying"

Three Steps of Wealthy Affiliate Teachings
Step 1. Find a group of desperate buyers - a hungry market.
Step 2. Find out what they are looking for.
Step 3. Give it to them or in the case of affiliate marketing, just presell them.

Now, this is the basic of the teachings. When you join, you will learn a lot more details about this process, and will be guided in the forums in finding your profitable markets and how to provide it to them. Basically,they take you from beginner level to an advanced marketer where you can keep repeating this process as many times as you want .

Now,an Important Notice about Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy affiliate will be increasing its price on the 6th of May. If you want to get in at the current low price of $29.99 then you better do it before or on 5th May.
After this date, you will have to pay the increased price.