Friday, March 23, 2007

Wealthy Affiliate -My Best Purchase of 2006!

Are you looking for reviews to see if people are really getting something from it?

You also want to know if wealthy affiliate is for real or a bunch of scammers who grab your money and then run?

Do you find yourself going in all directions trying to make an income online?
Do you feel the need to focus on one thing and learn it well?

Wealthy affiliate teaches you marketing and gives you the ability to think like a marketer.
You can follow the process and actually the mentors can even lead you step by step through the steps that they talk about in their tutorials. Will this be good for you?

Question:Why Wealthy Affiliate when I can buy ebooks and courses on affiliate marketing?

Ans:Can you see why you go on buying ebooks and courses and keep wondering what went wrong?
The problem is this – most of the beginners don’t really know if the thing that they are learning from books or courses really does work! You keep working on the techniques of the latest ebook that you have bought and then don’t know if you are really doing it right or not. Whether the content in the ebook is correct or not? Some people just write ebooks to make a few books and dont practice what they preach.

In WA you can see it all being done in front of your eyes and people keep reporting about their successes and failures and the ones who failed are then looked after till they start making profits again.

When you buy ebooks, there is no one who can tell you whether you are doing things correctly or not? Whether you are on the right track or not?

You are pretty much on your own with an ebook!!
On the other hand, in the wealthy affiliate forums, people get loads of advice.

They are told :

-What they are doing wrong?
-What they need to change in their site to make it more profitable.
-How to choose a niche?
(I really love this part. There are so many posts in the forum where complete beginners are led step by step on their niche-choosing task. They are told to do a certain step and after they have completed that step and show them the results.

Then the mentors come and see if they have done the steps correctly, whether they have left anything undone. Then only the mentors give them another step to be done.

I have seen all this done and usually the newbie starts to think like a real marketer even before all the steps are completed. Many of them come back and report how they have made their first sale and their first $60 or first $30.

This is priceless. I have read a lot of ebooks and I assure you that you maybe able to follow techniques from an ebook but the part where you start to think like a marketer can only be learnt from a marketer)

Enough said,I would like to start thinking like a real marketer --- I want to join now.

Question:Wealthy affiliate is more about ppc marketing and google adwords. I cant invest in it right now? Would you still recommend wealthy affiliate?

Ans:Well, you are right? Wealthy affiliate does talk a lot about ppc marketing , but not everyone who joined wealthy affiliate is doing ppc marketing. Some are beginners who are being helped to make some money till they have enough to invest in google adwords and ppc's.

Okay, you don’t have money to invest in ppc?

-->Do you still want to be able to find hot niches which are profitable?

Do you want to know how to sell more by using a list?
-->Do you want to start thinking like a real marketer or do you want to just follow techniques from an ebook?

Do you think that you would be interested in books on affiliate marketing, e.g. Affiliate project X or Day job Killer? Go and take a look at this book. Do you feel tempted to buy this book.(What if I told you that almost all the information that you would find in these books is already contained in the wealthy affiliate forums and they could really help you in using these techniques.)

-->Are you burning a hole in your pocket buying books and courses to learn affiliate marketing.

Did you answer yes to the above questions?

Well then, Wealthy affiliate can help you with all of the above things that you wanted to know about.

Wealthy affiliate also has a new addition where you can get jobs and make money from web design or writing articles where you could earn back your monthly fees.

-->Do you think it would help you if you could make your monthly fees back by writing a few articles?

-->The next 10 persons who join through my link will be getting an ebook which would help you to make enough so that you are able to invest in google adwords and other ppc's.

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